YS Distributors supplies and distributes PVC fabrics to African markets and has a huge amount of experience within the industrial fabrics and PVC industries. Our PVC fabrics can be found at a large number of locations and industries throughout South Africa.


When it comes to price and quality, our products will never cease to impress. Base fabrics are specifically designed to meet the material strength requirements of the finished product with respect to tear and tensile stress. Added benefits of our materials include UV absorbency and flame retardancy.


We carry a large amount of stock in various GSM (grammages) in our diverse coated fabric item range, such as block-out and clear PVC. Thanks to our size and contacts within the industry, our PVC fabrics are supplied at competitive rates to you, the customer, whether you are a smaller retailer or a bigger business. Our wholesale process is a seamless experience backed by our experienced team of staff.

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Wide Range of Colours

Our PVC coated fabrics come in a variety of colours. Mass ranges from 440gsm to 800gsm. Minimum width 1.37m / Maximum width 3.2m.

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YS Distributors provides a wide range of PVC and coated synthetic fabrics for use in a large variety of applications and products: 

  • Tents / Marquees

  • Tarpaulins

  • Jumping Castles

  • Dam Liners

  • Lapa Covers

  • Chicken House Curtains

  • Pool Covers

  • Bags

  • Welding Curtains

  • Cricket Pitch Covers

  • Inflatable Boats (canoes, rafts, rescue boats, etc.)