Poly Tarp stands for polyethylene tarpaulin, or PE tarp for short. Poly tarps are made of polyethylene coating over polyester or nylon mesh fabric.


YS Distributors supplies and distributes poly tarp rolls throughout Africa and even to European markets. We have won our customers' trust with our reputation for high quality products.


Our poly tarps’ characteristics include:

  • High strength and tear resistance

  • Flexibility

  • Water resistance or waterproof

  • U.V. coated

  • Arctic flexibility (functions well at freezing temperatures)


We carry a large amount of stock in our diverse poly tarp item range. Thanks to our size and contacts within the industry, our products are supplied at competitive rates to you, the customer, whether you are a smaller retailer or a bigger business. Our wholesale process is a seamless experience backed by our experienced team of staff.

If you need a poly tarp supplier to help and improve your cost or if you require custom specifications of poly tarp, then contact us today.


YS Distributors provides poly tarps which are used extensively for covers, waterproofing, insulation and trucking and a large variety of other applications and products, such as: 

  • Ground Sheeting

  • Disaster Tents and Canopies

  • Truck Tarps

  • Outdoor Furniture Covers

  • Bags

  • Roof and Building Covers

  • Privacy Screening

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