YS Distributors specialises in the sourcing, importing and distribution of specialised products and customised items for individual clientele.


We source items from customer specifications via our office based in China whom liaises directly with the supplier. Our experienced team of staff in South Africa communicates directly with the customer.


YS Distributors assists customers throughout the process, dealing with the suppliers, shipping lines, customs and clearing agents, while also handling the shipping documents, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers.


Dealing directly with factories overseas is an opportunity for customers to obtain sustainable procurement savings and a competitive advantage. Cost efficiency is achieved from taking advantage of capacity in emerging markets and eliminating additional costs that would come from agents.


Our vast amount of experience within the importing and sourcing industry allows us to secure you the most capable and competitive suppliers, and to consistently achieve the best results.


YS Distributors can assist you in:

  • Finding the most suitable supplier

  • Negotiating the best commercial conditions

  • Improving supplier relationships

  • Defining product specifications that will meet your demands

  • Managing and mitigating all supply chain risks

  • Arranging shipping and clearing for the products to be delivered to you


If you would like to improve your cost on any fast-moving items to be imported in bulk, do not hesitate to contact us.